Dry Skin Remedy



Typically, I have VERY NORMAL skin. I rarely have issues with my face whether its a small breakout, oily, dry; etc. it just hasn’t happened to me for close to a decade. I always do different masks and use whatever face wash I have within arms reach; when my skin started acting up I couldn’t narrow it down to one thing. Because I don’t have personal experience with dry skin, I made a “HELP ME” status on my Facebook! Thankfully, one of my beautiful friends introduced me to “Climate Control” with SeneGence ($60 plus tax), aka the LipSense company. I had no idea they had such amazing skincare products. Below are some of the top reasons I decided to try this product for my dry skin.
•100% cruelty free brand
•Aides in cell turnover (collagen production)
•Molecular weight is light enough to deliver the actives deep into the skin
•Herbal oil extracts and vitamins
More about the ingredients:
SenePlex Complex is a kinetic energy enzyme that rushes new cells to the surface 23% faster (anti-aging component). *If you know me at all, you know how much I love Botox and fillers. Most of my skincare routine focuses on anti-aging to the point that even if I wasn’t having skin issues I would still incorporate this product after learning about its ingredients. After the age of 25, collagen decreases roughly 1% every year. You literally have to ingest between 7000-10,000mg of collagen A DAY to help combat your body’s natural collagen decrease.
SelPlex Complex contains herbal oil extracts and vitamins. It is formulated specifically as a soothing and highly moisturizing fluid. *Up until recently, I’ve been weary of putting oils directly on my skin. I’ve always been terrified that they would clog my pores and make me breakout like a middle schooler. Y’all. I’m not kidding you, up until a month-ish ago I was using at least 5 drops of vitamin e, vitamin c, or coconut oil on my face every night. Like I previously stated, I love anti-aging regiments so I pushed the product into my skin vs rubbing and smudging it around with my fingers. I never broke out, my pores were normal, and my makeup looked flawless. Of course, this is my own experience and I do not expect for it to work for everyone.
When the two are combined (dualsense delivery), it delivers the SenePlex complex deeper into the layers of the skin AKA anti-aging BONUS.
Remember too! It has ACTIVE ingredients that aren’t activated until you activate them! Prolonging the length of “active” life. (Honestly, I’m a child. I like to think that by shaking them together myself I am somehow partially responsible for making my own moisturizer)
Science Skincare is unique:
“It is well know throughout the cosmetic and skin care industries that when contained within a mixture of other ingredients, the effectiveness of “actives” diminishes with time. It is also known throughout the scientific community’s of the cosmetic industry that the emulsifiers in the suspension fluid are supposed to deliver the actives into the skin. Emulsifiers are ingredients that help assist in the production of an emulsion, or the blend of ingredients that are seemingly unable to be mixed together. Emulsifiers are made of molecules, the size of which is measured in molecular weight. Molecular weight of the majority of emulsifiers are much too large to penetrate the skin, therefore unable to deliver actives and other beneficial ingredients into the layers of the skin.”

Shoutout to Ally for informing me on all of SeneGence wonderful and amazing products. Did I mention they’re a cruelty free brand?!


First Impression- the sprayer, personally, does not work very well. It’s very wide and I don’t feel like the product lands where I want. That doesn’t really bother me too bad, though. The product is thick enough to spray on your fingers and pat it into your skin. 8/10

Next Day (one use at night)- I was terrified when I woke up the next day. Not only was my skin even drier than before, it was visibly rough and flaking!! I thought I had made the biggest mistake but I promised Ally that I would stick with the product for at least a week. I Googled ways to remove flaking skin without damaging the parts that weren’t ready to come off. *Disclaimer: Before you read any further, I am not a dermatologist, nor am I suggesting that you should try this on your skin. I am documenting my experience and what worked for me.* I grabbed a piece of box tape, stuck it to the back of my hand to remove some of the sticky, and then I proceeded to gently dab it on my dry skin. Y’ALL! It removed all of the unwanted texture and dry skin flakes. I immediately splashed cold water on my face and rubbed in a few sprays of the Climate Control. 1/10

Day 3- I am not kidding when I say, 80% of my dry skin was gone. I still had a few patches here and there but I could wear makeup without an issue. I am now back on the Climate Control train. 8/10

Day 7- Maybe I’m crazy, but my skin looks better than it did before I had dry skin. My skin tone is even, pores are shrinking, blackheads are vanishing, fine line… what are those? EVERYONE NEEDS THIS PRODUCT. It has been SEVEN stinkin’ DAYS and my skin has made an incredible improvement. It is safe to say that this product will be in my life for as long as I can possibly purchase it.

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