Take it personally

Daily, with water.

At least thats what the beautiful bright red box reads that greets me at my mailbox.



Today I want to talk about a new company, Care/of, that I came across a few weeks ago and have anxiously awaited the arrival ever since.

Care/of is an online vitamin shop that offers quality ingredients in customized vitamin packs made just for you. When you create a profile with Care/of, along with adding your personal information, you answer a few questions to help determine what vitamins are necessary for you – your concerns, goals, lifestyle, and even values. At the end of the test Care/of gives you a list of vitamins and supplements they suggest with the reasons why and its background. They also list what each vitamin would cost should you purchase it at a drugstore. Not only do they save you a trip to the store each month by offering automated shipping with no contract and no shipping cost (orders over $20), on average, they’re 19% cheaper than their competitors.

Like most online companies, shipping is typically only a few business days; however, when I ordered the Northeast had been hit with an ice storm delaying necessary equipment needed to process the influx of orders Care/of had received. This is where the company made the biggest impression – instead of leaving me guessing for weeks or sending a generalized notification, THE CEO and CO-FOUNDER emailed me. This may have been sent by his assistant, computer system, or pretty much anything other than him, but it was specifically addressed to me. As the email went on, Craig continuously apologized and took responsibility for the setbacks. I know what you’re thinking; not only a man, but a businessman took responsibility?! Trust me. I was shocked, too. I do not care who you are, what product you have to offer, or how much it costs; if you offer exceptional customer service – I WANT IT.

My personalized pack was delivered in a beautiful red box that read “Take it personal (daily, with water)” across the front. Humble and humor?! Okay, really. How much better could this company get?! I’ll tell you. When I opened the box, a white paper with “Made for Mickenly” in bold back and red letters laid on top. On the opposite side, a letter from Craig. It doesn’t stop there. On EACH DAILY VITAMIN PACK “Made for Mickenly” is stamped. Is this what its like to be a real princess?! Not only am I about to have beautiful skin and brains, I am going to look important af when I whip out a professional vitamin pack out with my name printed on it.

My personal pack includes:

Astaxanthin – “Astaxanthin is the purest natural form from cultivated marine microalgae, harvested from algae fed by water from the Himalayas.” It is good for the brain, heart, and skin. My recommended dose: 1 softgel per day ($9/month)

Bacopa – “Bacopa monnieri is an Ayuverdic herb traditionally used to help manage mild memory problems associated with aging and mental focus.” It is good for the brain and stress. My recommend dose: 1 capsule per day ($8/month)

B-Complex – “Our B Complex contains fermented B vitamins for better absorption, so it’s easier to digest and can be taken on an empty stomach. It also includes an herbal whole-food blend for added nutrients.” It is good for energy, which explains why my bedtime has passed and I am still up blogging. Oops. I guess I should have refreshened up on my packs ingredients but I was too excited. My recommended dose: 2 tablets per day ($14/month)

Fish Oil – “Our Fish oil is sustainably sourced from wild Alaskan salmon and includes eight fatty acids. It is produced using a cold-press, extra-virgin extraction, similar to methods used in making olive oil.” It is good for the brain, eyes, heart, joints, and prenatal. My recommend dose: 2 soft gels per day ($16/month)

Probiotic Blend – “…Our probiotic blend is composed of L. acidophilus and B. lactis, two strains of ‘good’ bacteria with a growing volume of research around gut health.” It is made in the United States and is good for digestion and immunity. My recommend dose: 1 capsule a day ($8/month)


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