Hello beautiful,

The Generation Beauty blog is aimed to provide its readers with information on everything from popular fads (i.e. microblading and charcoal treatments) to whether an online shop is worth your time to Groupon: Deal or Dud (my personal fav).

I’m Kenly, the Beauty Blogger and Editor of Generation Beauty15193488_1682520068725234_522625968288391631_n, which is currently based in Weatherford, Texas. At 25 years young, I decided to start my first blog when I found myself aimlessly searching the web for other peoples experiences before buying / using products and treatments. My goal is to provide all of my readers with information on all things beauty, I will also occasionally blog about other awesome finds. Why hold back something great just because its not beauty related, amiright? 

Needless to say, There. Are. No Limitations. to the Generation Beauty blog.

If I’m not searching the web researching the latest skin related “must do”, you can probably find me enjoying some sort of jalapeño beverage and slice of pizza. Like any other human being, I also enjoy my fair share of Netflix (OMG Shameless, y’all), Snapchat, and Instagram. Oh, and I’m on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn.